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Teacher Training

Training people in imaginal education from the 1960s until today

Early Years

21st Century



  • The Imaginal Education course has evolved over the years from Imaginal Education to the Power of Image to the present course taught by ToP.


  • During a three year period in the early 1990s, the Imaginal Education course was one of the Denver Public Schools inservice offerings for teachers receiving Continuing Education credits. With Dr. John Epps as the lead presenter, three other members of the Denver ICA  Education Team recruited the course and provided instruction. About 150 teachers attended the course during six semesters. Our “signature” event was the opening “Slinky Conversation” through which we demonstrated the possibility that, with intentionally designed questions,  a classroom teacher might “touch the deeps” with a small group of children reflecting on a pile of broken toys in the middle of a table.


  • The three-week Atlanta Teachers Institute in 1986 created the Kaleidoscope image that has since become a primary tool for teaching imaginally.


  • From 1994-96 two-week Learning Labs were offered in Chicago and California.