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Imaginal Education

A self-image based learning approach to create positive images/positive actions

Imaginal Education is a self-image based learning approach for individuals and groups.

EVERYONE HAS A SELF-IMAGE, defining our sense of identity and delimiting our potential as human beings.


What if …

…   the purpose of education was to create positive images resulting in positive behavior?

…   individuals were empowered to change their images to release their mystery, depth and greatness?

…   communities created images that empowered residents to address their challenges and create the community they desired?


Starting in 1964 these questions were tested with youth gangs, in preschools and public schools, in communities and organizations. Curriculum was created and courses were developed that are taught globally today.

Celebrating job placements at

YMCA Training, Inc. (Boston)

In its pioneering work in urban and rural areas, demonstrations of Imaginal Education are still going on globally including:

    • The Fifth City Preschool: 55 years of graduating preschoolers.
    • Training, Inc.: finding jobs for thousands of unemployed, documented in the Ford Foundation report.
    • Rites of Passage: Beginning with a coming of age ritual for children becoming teenagers, rites of passage for various age groups are also available.
    • Swamp Gravy: This production, telling the Athens community story, not only Athens, but attracted thousands to hear about it, as far away as the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.