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Changing Images

Where do positive images transform people, organizations and communities to create positive behaviors and actions?

Imaginal Education is a self-image based learning approach to create positive images resulting in positive actions

In its pioneering work in urban and rural areas, global demonstrations of Imaginal Education are still going on:

The Learning Basket

Starting in 1997, the Learning Basket Program is based on four concepts of child development and adult learning research: parents and caregivers are babies’ first and most influential teachers; children learn through play; the first three years of life are critical in a child’s brain development; and any object can be a tool for teaching and learning.

Job Training Success

Beginning in Chicago in 1981, Training, Inc. spread to Boston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Newark, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C, demonstrating success in finding thousands of jobs for the unemployed and enabling job retention.  See video (right) to celebrate “I got a job” at the ongoing Boston Training, Inc.

Four Schools Within a Preschool

The 5th City Preschool, launched in 1964, recognized the rapid brain development of a child from its birth and the first five years of life.  Therefore four schools were designed within those ages to guide the development of each year. The Preschool has had more than 65 years of graduating preschoolers who excel in elementary school.

Junior High Rites of Passage

Junior High Rites of Passage were developed for their 6th grade through 9th grade years.  Sixth graders went on a one month summer trip created as a rite of passage from childhood to becoming teenagers.  For their seventh and eight grade years they participated in an in-residence Student House. Their ninth grade year was a year abroad where they experienced globally and a new independence before returning to high school.

Community Transformation

After a decade of demonstrating transformation in 5th City, Human Development Projects were started in every time zone around the world using a comprehensive development approach (see Human Development Projects). More recently in Athens, Georgia, the Swamp Gravy production has demonstrated that community transformation can occur with an emphasis on the arts. This production, telling the Athens community story, not only Athens, but attracted thousands to hear about it, as far away as the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Celebrating job placements at

Boston YMCA Training, Inc.

What if …

…   the purpose of education was to create positive images resulting in positive behavior?

…   individuals were empowered to change their images to release their mystery, depth and greatness?

…   communities created images that empowered residents to address their challenges and create the community they desired?


These questions have been tested since the 1960s in youth gangs, preschools and public schools, and communities and organizations. Curriculum was created and courses were developed that are taught globally today.