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Job Training

Imaginal education structures targeted for success in employment through transformative job training

Training, Inc.


The Training Inc. program has been a demonstration of imaginal education applied in a workforce training program for more than fifty years. Carol Walters, the former Executive Director of the National Training Inc. Association, has summarized the history of the development of Training Inc. starting in 1974.  In 1980 the US Department of Labor selected Training, Inc. as one of the Top Ten Exemplary Job Training programs in the country. At that time the program had 97% of the participants completing the program with 90% of them place in jobs. Ronnie Seagren wrote about Training Inc in Education that Changes Lives.”

An overview of Training, Inc. in Boston

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How imaginal education makes Training Futures successful

Training Futures


An award winning adult training program in Northern Virginia, Training Futures was designed and led by Susan Erickson Craver and Marla Burton from 1996-2010.  Its 25-week program uniquely offered college credits to students while gaining workplace skills. Susan describes the role internships and Toastmasters play in the program:  

      • Internships. Remember that play we saw eons ago in Chicago called “Getting My Act Together and Putting it on the Road”?  Internships are like that. They give the industry seal of approval for each person’s imaginal journey. The participant experiences slayed any doubt dragons that the “new me” was not going to hold steady in the “real world.”  It is exhilarating to have an imaginal journey tested and proven by outside, objective forces.
      • Toastmasters was all about the trainees finding their voices and telling their stories. We literally witnessed stories going from those of victims to those of heroes in the telling. It was powerful and often reduced guests to jelly. I often thought of D. H. Lawrence’s line, “the song of one who has come through.”  

In 2007 Aspen Institute awarded Training Futures $300,000 and in 2010 the Aspen Institute wrote this report of the program results. A representative from Booz Allen gives a graduation presentation in 2008.