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Social Processes

Analyzing How Societies Work, Fail to Work and Can Be Changed
Click picture to interactively explore the Social Process Triangles (Jon Jenkins)


In the early 1970s the Ecumenical Institute / Institute of Cultural Affairs focused on a “turn to the world” from its missional emphasis on Church Renewal. The aim was to demonstrate ways for local churches to effectively serve their communities. This required a comprehensive understanding of the social fabric. The Institute, like every social movement that intends modification of society, needed a picture of the society they intend to create.

A two-year research project was initiated (1971-1972) in which colleagues around the country engaged in reading and summarizing hundreds of books related to the dynamics of society. The results were pulled together in research assemblies in Chicago. The products of this research included 1) The Social Process Triangle, 2) The Imbalance Analysis, 3) The Pressure Points, 4) The Whistle Points, and 5) The Corporate Process Triangle. These models have served as guides for the numerous human development projects and educational endeavors of the Institute.

  • Doug Druckenmiller 21:24h, 02 October Reply

    A project is underway by our colleagues in India to provide video illustrations of the triangles.

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