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Global Research Assemblies, Councils and …

Annual meetings of the Spirit Movement held in Chicago from 1964-1986

Did You Know?

Starting in the summer of 1965, Institute staff and colleagues gathered in Chicago each July to build themselves as a global movement.  Beginning in 1970 these events were called Global Research Assemblies and provided a way for a broad cross section of people to help shape the focus, methods and spirit of the Institute and its network of colleagues.  Beginning in 1966, decision-making gatherings called Councils brought together folks to make / formalize decisions on directions and allocation of resources.  These, combined with Local Collegiums, Weekend Problem Solving Units (PSU’s), Weekly Ecclesiolas and periodic Retreats and Training Schools created and sustained momentum across the globally dispersed network of contacts.

Summer of 1965

There is now incontrovertible

evidence that mankind

has just entered upon the greatest

period of change the world has

ever known.

The ills

from which we are suffering have had their seat

in the very foundations of

human thought.

But today something

is happening

to the whole structure of

human consciousness.

A fresh kind of life

is starting.

Teilhard de Chardin

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Story Telling Time!

And Now:  What IS a . . .

Global Research Assembly?


Problem Solving Unit (PSU)?


But the things that began to happen after that were so great and beautiful that I cannot write them.  And for us, this is the end of all stories, and we can most truly say that they all lived happily ever after. But for them, it was only the beginning of the real story.  All their life in this world and all their adventures in Narnia had only been the cover and the title page:  now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story; which no one on earth has read:  which goes on forever:  in which every chapter is better than the one before.

           ~~     Richard J. Foster — the closing paragraph from the final book of The Chronicles of Narnia