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What does it take to make an impact on the broader society?

Did You Know?

Over the succeeding decade, the ICA and its colleague / guardian network developed and carried out program initiatives and experiments that led to several global campaigns aimed at realizing the promise of their analysis and research:  catalyzing a resurgence of the human spirit, a rise of local community, a reconstruction of society, a rebalancing of the social processIn the middle of the last century, some ordinary people woke up to the amazing and disturbing shifts happening in our world.

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“People asked me, “Who is the Institute of Cultural Affairs?” and I say that we are a not for profit global group who’s concerned with community development and methods of effective action and they say to me: “I don’t mean that. I mean, who are you really?” “What makes you tick?” That’s a hard question but I came to the place where I gave them, “The answer I noticed is in your book, on that first thin page; we are just those who care; we just care.” We are part of those around the world who care and as I move around in various parts of the world I’m finding more and more people who just care. I don’t mean care about the things that you are familiar with, that are close to you simply. I mean who care about this world, and care about what’s happening in it.”  Those Who Care

Story Telling Time!


Tune: Love is Everywhere

Open yourself to the great celebration,
Offer your life to its joy and pain.
Life is the fruit of your own creation,
Everything you birth is hope regained.

Care is everywhere, I see it
You are all that you can be,
Come on and be it.
Life is given, you receive it.
Come and be engaged with me.

Taking my life from the golden prairie,
All of nature’s gifts there for you and me.
Guardians of the land we have chosen to be,
Sharing the fruits with humanity.

Circuit the globe like a flying stallion,
Race with the sun to the edge of night.
Wear your tools like a gold medallion,
Dance in the circle of its searing light.

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The development of the LENS Seminar —  a clear example of how we took the methods, vision, models and human impact of our social research and shared these widely with groups and individuals globally.

The Three Global Campaigns We Launched in 1974

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The Global Social Demonstration Campaign is a three ­year project whereby a band of 24 social demonstrations happens around the world, one in every time zone, one every hour ­on ­the ­hour. In every culture, in 24 different nations that happening will take place.

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The Global Community Forum Campaign will not be just a local community convocation held here and there, but the systematic awakening of the population in every nation around the globe over a five year period until finally the whole globe is covered in replication with the awakening process.
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The Global Servant Force Campaign (Primal Community Experiment and Metro Cadre Network) Next is the world wide community wrestling with the Primal Community Experiment. There have been 150 called into being since last January. This summer a systematic world­wide coverage on a metro level is being planned to be actuated over the next four­ year period. Next is a Metro Cadre system with common format and meeting structures going on for twelve cadres around every urban House in the globe, six coming into being this year and six the following year, whereby that global band of a supporting force is behind everything that takes place
Report on the Primal Community Experiment.  March, 1975
Metro Cadre presentation. July, 1975

The global task now has claimed our lives / Who knows where our bodies they shall find? / But with us anew now the mystery appears / The meaning of the life of human kind