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July 1968–June 1972

Going Global: Expanding
Research, Training, and


July ’68–June ’69

July ’69–June ’70

July ’70–June ’71

July ’71–June ’72

  • Summer Research Assembly: The New Religious Mode
  • Established the Global Academy
  • Launched the Urban Academy for ghetto leaders
  • First Emerging Generation (E.G.)Summer Program
  • Houses set up in Boston, Atlanta, S. Chicago, LA, Kuala Lumpur
  • Development of the Odyssey
  • Study of John of the Cross and Warriors of God
  • First Ecclesiolas
  • US gridded to Metros
  • Summer Research Assembly: Academy taught in five locations
  • Seven more religious houses established, including Sidney (AUS), Apia, Singapore, and Osaka
  • First ITI: International Training Institute (Singapore)
  • Intensified training and core course teaching
  • Global Academy and Urban Academy taught quarterly
  • 5th City Health Outpost established
  • 75 courses taught across Australia
  • Summer Research Assembly: created the Tactical System for the Local Church; research on historical orders and “the new secular-religious”
  • Local Church Galaxy Experiment (LCX) launched in 200 churches
  • First houses set up in Canada: Montreal and Winnipeg
  • First Global Odyssey
  • 5th City Consult
  • Teaching Trek to Australian Aboriginals
  • ITI in India and Hong Kong
  • Corporate Reading Research Project on 500 key books in preparation for Summer ‘71
  • Summer Research Assembly: Social Process and New Social Vehicle (NSV); developed Social Process Triangles, and global vision, contradictions and proposals
  • “Convoy” (later “LENS”) course
  • Eight buildings rehabbed in 5th City
  • 5th City Experiments in Mowanjum, Australia and Marshall Islands
  • 51 houses in existence, 15 outside North America
  • Creation of New Women’s Forum
  • ITIs in Far East, India, and Addis Ababa