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A Chronological History

of the Ecumenical Institute and the Institute of Cultural Affairs



Beret Griffith, Editor


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The Chronological History 1952–1988 traces the development of The Ecumenical Institute (EI) and the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), organizations dedicated to sharing methods and models, which have brought depth consciousness and practical tools for responsible participation to organizations and communities. Both organizations, EI and ICA, contributed to the evolution of movements for citizen participation, community development, and organization transformation, in many nations over the past 63 years.


The chronology documents the creation, use, and evolution of the intellectual, social, and spirit methods and models that are the foundations of the work of EI, ICA, and the Technology of Participation™ (ToP™) group facilitation methods training. Many thousands of people contributed to this effort. In a multitude of ways, they all shared a concern that people in communities and organizations learn and work together in a spirit-filled climate of possibility. This Chronological History is an acknowledgement of their contributions to the intellectual breadth, spiritual depth, and underlying social consciousness of care and compassion for people and our planet at the heart of these creative tools that are now used around the world.


These resources are for people who care about effective organizations and inclusive communities. What follows will be of immediate relevance to people interested in the ICA: course participants, people who have attended ICArelated events, or anyone who has come into contact with people who use and continue to refine ICA methods. It will also be of interest to practitioners who wish to trace one well-documented creative thread among the many that contributed to the shaping of the new world we inhabit today.