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July 1984–June 1988

New Paradigm Research and
Practicing Facilitation


July ’84–June ’85

July ’85–June ’86

July ’86–June ’87

July ’87–June ’88

  • Order Council for 800 members for six weeks: New Paradigm Safari and experiments in meditation and visualization
  • The global community of O:E represented 37 nations on eight continents in 108 locations
  • 24 Primary Units created globally
  • Training, Inc. opens in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Flextime experiment
  • The Machakos Game
  • Kenya: 1,000 villages participate in replication
  • Research into new myths and exercises
  • Research Event: “The Planetary Connection” in Chicago and Brussels with Jean Houston, Willis Harman, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Larry Dossey, and many others presenting and holding seminars
  • Staff-support businesses operating in Bombay, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Houston, Toronto, and Brussels
  • Transition from being pedagogues to being facilitators
  • Phase II of IERD births 100s of events around the globe
  • Leadership and facilitator training around the globe
  • “Planetary Vision Quest” in Chicago: Marilyn Ferguson, Fritjof Capra, and Jean Houston as presenters; “The Hero’s Journey” and individual vision quests
  • “The Atlanta Adventure,” 5-week Imaginal Education camp for children
  • Training, Inc. opens in Newark, New Jersey
  • Toronto creates “Effective Leadership Training”
  • Order Council in Bilbao, Spain
  • Creation of three “Breakthrough Teams”
  • Research Synergism Node in Toronto
  • ICA contingent attends Jean Houston’s Mystery School in New York and begins the journey of The Human Capacities School
  • “New Horizons in Learning Conference” in Guatemala brings learning revolution to 400 educators and professionals
  • Research Colloquy held in Swartswood, New Jersey with Jean Houston, Willis Harman, Dee Dickinson, and others
  • Training, Inc. network receives “Best Social Invention” award
  • EDGES Magazine launched in Toronto