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WordPress Tutorials for Archives Authors

Wordpress training videos

Lesson 1

The lesson demonstrates the login process, introduces the Admin panel and profile view for a user.  The lesson also demonstrates saving the login as a bookmark for easy access to the Archives site backend.

Lesson 1 - Login

Lesson 2

The lesson demonstrates adding a new website page, introduces the concept of content blocks, covers the basic edit functions.  The lesson also demonstrates the use of basic elements, such as the text block, a single picture, and the tabs element.  The lesson also covers design options of blocks such as multiple columns, colored backgrounds and borders.

Lesson 2 - Add/Edit new page

Lesson 3

The lesson demonstrates adding a new image map, introduces the concept of image maps, image map areas, and adding image maps to a website page.

Lesson 4

The lesson introduces the menu system for the website:  creating a new menu, creating menu locations, adding pages to the menu, editing the menu navigation items and placing them in pages.

Lesson 5

The lesson introduces the media library for the website:  adding content to the library, media categories and their creation, organization of the media library and adding media to website pages.  Advanced topics include video, audio and graphic content creation and use.