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ICA’s Organizational Wisdom


An Introduction to the Organizational Wisdom of ICA Principles, Values, and Perspectives

by Terry Bergdall

My entire vocational life has been informed by the transformative work of the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA). For twenty years, 1969-1989, I served as an ICA program officer in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Japan, Chicago, and Kenya. In Nairobi, I initiated and led a restructuring process with ICA-Kenya in order for it to become an African governed and managed organization and thereby worked myself out of a job. For the next twenty years, 1989-2009, I worked as a consultant with international development agencies. I understood those two decades to be a valuable time for applying, adapting, and integrating “ICA-inspired” principles and practices into different working environments. Most recently, I completed six years, 2009-2015, as CEO of ICA-USA. The purpose of this handbook, gleaned from 46 years of personal experience, is to serve as a reference for those who seek to know more about ICA, its special character, and practical ways that it might continue as a leading organization in fostering social change around the world.

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