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Inner Life

Developing and trusting one's own inner wisdom

Welcome to the Inner Life Collection! 

People today are asking how to be sustained in the midst of experiencing a chaotic, challenging and ever-changing world. They are discovering that a life of the shallow, the fake and the safe does not answer their life questions nor their longing for greater meaning. Living small is no longer satisfying. Getting stuck in indecision is even worse! 


This collection represents the understanding that people yearn to live wholeheartedly in positive relationships with themselves, others and the planet. It is for those of us who are seeking to be profoundly alive. We invite people of all religions and pathways to reflect on their own unique approaches to awe-filled living in radical service to humanity and the earth


“When you encounter the joy at the center, you tingle deep, in animation. When you’re possessed by the joy at the center, all things received, in affirmation. When you are speechless in joy at the center, and each moment brimming with wild vibration, Then at the center, in wonder-filled rapture, you be it.”  (from ”At The Center” by the EI)

Image of the earth from the moon (Apollo 8)

The great cultural awakenment through the scientific, urban, and secular revolutions.

Awe-filled living in the midst of this world.


Qualities and stances of authenticity.

Ritual 3

Creating practices for our life’s journey.

New Religious mode context

Dynamics and Practices of Profound living.

Human Journey

Vocational Journey of care for all.