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Applications of Profound Humanness around the World

(photo Tonga HDTS 1981)


The concept of profound humanness is manifest across the wide-sweep of curriculum and programs of the Ecumenical Institute and Institute of Cultural Affairs . Here are specific examples of how the concept of profound humanness is revealed in the curriculum and activities of the Institute:

The EI/ICA conducted numerous 3-8 week Human Development Training Schools (HDTS) around the world from the early 1970’s to early 2000’s. These schools trained many thousands of individuals to go back to their village or local communities to lead Human Development Projects (HDPs) (link to  Arena I- HDP).  Within the curriculum of these schools were modules on Profound Humanness, as well as nightly conversations on the 12 qualities of Profound Humanness:  Event, Mystery, Consciousness, Action, Totality, Corporateness, Declaration, Creativity, Presence, Integrity, Care, and Effulgence. (link to charts) *The HDTS were held in Mailiwada, Tonga (Pacific Training School), Indonesia, Kenya, Brazil, NAME- El Bayad, Venezuela Cano Negro etc,. Attached is a sample evening conversation on Profound Humanness (link).  (Attach links to several other HDTS and their use of Profound Humanness)


         In the HDTS in Maliwada, India, the ICA began a replication process to impact an entire region, in this case the entire State of Maharashtra in over 2000 villages. (insert photo) This required training thousands of Indian staff on how to do grassroots village development.  A key component was finding men & women of Spirit who were motivated to change history in their part of the world.  This required an understanding of depth motivity (motivational energy) and spiritual aliveness, the ability to see oneself as part of a vast movement of Those Who Cared and the ability to elicit depth meaning within oneself and others.  


        In week 6 of the HDTS, participants shared & learned about Profound Humanness. (link to HDTS docs on PH). For example, the lecture entitled Event-Mystery-Consciousness was aimed to elicit the discovery of the Universal within and the events & moments of one’s life; which are a means toward experiencing transparency. There was a conversation on the image of the Earthrise, which often evoked a shared sense of wonder as participants saw the earth as a whole, with no boundaries. The experience became, “I am related to all, responsible for all, yet I am free.” Another lecture and discussion was about Gandhi’s decision to serve after being thrown off a train in S. Africa. Gandhi’s decision to serve humanity led to a discussion on how students could make a monumental decision, and thus turn their lives in a totally new direction.  (PH “The Journey that took an Unexpected Turn” on Gandhi (insert).   In one of the training school in Arizona, participants also came from the neighboring county in Mexico. Here is a link to one of the Spirit Conversations (a way to have a conversation about elements of profound humanness) is “What’s in your Wallet? (link) In the HDTS, many mealtime conversations were related to qualities and manifestations of profound humanness (chart) Here are several examples (link)


        In week five of the HDTS, participants discussed qualities of the New Human & the New World. Communities and individuals shared the many crisis’ which presented challenges unknown to past generations. These challenges required responses from the depth of one’s personal spirit. This  also required the emergence of a new citizenry with an expanded sense of completely new roles to play. These ‘new humans’ (villagers, average citizens, community members etc) knew they that care meant taking care of the entire community.  All the gifts and contiributions of each member were needed, regardless of caste, creed, age or sex. The new leaders had to stand tall and face the challenges and envision a future of immense possibility. The New Human saw his or her community as part of an emerging world and thus their contribution was significant, however small, was unique, and fulfilling. (link New Human New Society lecture).



        Other applications of using concepts from Profound Humanness was through the Hunter Warrior conversations, as well as evening collegiums which included quotes from the Red Journal.  The journal used the rubric of The Poet, The Saint, The Sage and The General as well as the 12 Qualities of Profound Humanness (link). The Hunter Warrior concept  was derived from Carlos Casteneda, who has given our world a great gift in the qualities of the Hunter-Warrior.  In his book Journey to Ixtlan, Casteneda sharply defined the qualities of the Hunter-Warrior, who was once the common everyday human, but also the dynamic force which created a livable civilization to whom we all owe our existence. (link to Qualities of the Hunter Warrior)  In the Ecumenical Institute’s own work, we were struck by the Hunter-Warrior qualities that also existed in Jesus the Christ. Both deal with life & death issues; saving others through a life-giving and healing force which reveals the dimension of Profound Humanness. The Institute developed the following summary of Journey to Ixtlan and group conversation on the Hunter Warrior as a means to allow participants to experience the awe of profound living. (link conversation)


        In Kenya, their Daily Ritual incorporated what they called the 8 Steps of the Human Journey. They also developed a method to chart their week incorporating these 8 steps (link).  These 8 steps are an augment to the 12 qualities of Profound Humanness- or a rehearsal about the depth aspects of Life which help give meaning to our personal story about how we choose to live our life. These steps are the:  (photo of Kawangere)

  1. Passing Away of All Things– everything changes & passes away- nonattachment
  2. Awakening to the Life Process– giving up illusions- humility before the Mystery
  3. Participation in the Life Process– honoring all existence- trusting intuition
  4. Living on Behalf of All– embracing the oneness of all life- joy for others
  5. Maintaining Steadfast Composure– keeping calm in loss or gain- constancy
  6. Supporting Structures of Society – right livelihood & pleasant speech
  7. Caring for those who have fallen from the Structures of Society
  8. Dynamically Changing Structures of Society– local awakenment, equality


        Profound Humanness is the ability to live life in which each moment is significant and meaning-filled. Our quest for meaning is the most profound of all human quests. Once we taste living in profound human consciousness, a sense emerges that there is “no other way to live.” The journey becomes a path of wonder and empowerment which encompasses states of being which are open and accessible to everyone.