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The Courage to Lead

Qualities and stances of authenticity

Leadership Compass


This leadership compass reveals the structure of The Courage to Lead. The compass covers four basic relationships of authentic leadership: the relationship to life, to the world, to society, and to self. Each relationship asks a question of the reader.
Relation to Life: Where do I find meaning in my everyday life?
Relation to the World: In what context do I make decisions?
Relation to Society: What role do I want to play in the change process in society, work, community and family?
Relation to Self: How do I keep learning from my experience and trust my own inner wisdom?


Each relationship is expressed through three stances, or inner convictions. The 12 stances are the stuff of the 12 chapters of this book.


Reference: The Courage to Lead: Transform Self, Transform Society. Second edition. R. Brian Stanfield, iUniverse, Inc. 2012. 

Courage to Lead online studies are available quarterly; go to the ICA Canada website to learn more.