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Curriculum Development,
Teaching, and the Move into
Fifth City





  • Image of 3 tasks created:
    1. Contextual Reeducation
    2. Community Reformulation
    3. Spirit Remotivation
  • Practical research on how a community of people could live together missionally
  • Basic images of model building formed through the study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Ethics and C. Wright Mills’ Images of Man
  • RS-I taught regularly
  • CS-I: Cultural Studies, “The 20th Century Cultural Revolution” course created and taught
  • Development of the Corporate Study Method
  • Development of the Charting Method
  • Joseph Wesley Mathews (JWM) called to be Dean of the Evanston Institute for Ecumenical Studies
  • Seven families of the Faith and Life Community accepted the directorship of the Institute
  • Decision to move to the West Side of Chicago
  • Seven families buy Bethany Seminary and move in
  • The 5th City Project launched
  • Geneva Offices created to fit the RS-1 format
  • Trips to Europe and Africa for geo-social analysis