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Communications to colleagues and facilitators


A Newsletter of the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA)in the Western United States

Internal communication to keep ICA colleagues and facilitators informed

Initiatives 2009 Global Archives 2009
Initiatives 2010 Autumn 2010 ICA Launches Green Advocate Program
Initiatives 2010 Spring 2010 Sojourners in May
Initiatives 2011 Fall 2011 Midway in a Century of Care
Initiatives 2011 Spring 2011 – Midway in a Century of Care
Initiatives 2012 Autumn 2012 Celebrate 77 Special Issue
Initiatives 2012 Spring 2012 Looking Ahead
Initiatives 2012 Sum 2012, – 50th Anniversary events
Initiatives 2014 Fall 2014 A Day to Celebrate: ICA GreenRise Goes Live!
Initiatives Online – Robertson Work on Leadership
Initiatives V02/3 May 1986
Initiatives V03/1 Fall 1987
Initiatives V04/2 Spr 1988 Machakos Game & Guatemala
Initiatives V06/2 Sum 1990
Initiatives V07/2 Sum 1991 Toward Releasing Diversity
Initiatives V08/1 Winter 1992 107784 misnumbered scanned document – I’ll find out how to change number
Initiatives V09/1 Winter 1993 To Russia with Love
Initiatives V09/2 Spring 1993 Ancient Spiritual Practice of Participation
Initiatives V09/3 Fall 1993 Corporate Transformation
Initiatives V09/3 Summer 1993 Refining Petroleum
Initiatives V10/1 Winter 1994 Democratic Transformation in Upper Egypt
Initiatives V10/3 Summer 1994 Eco-Cultural Tourism Takes Root in Taiwan
Initiatives V10/4 Fall 1994 ICA West Salutes
Initiatives V11/1 Winter 1995 Old and New Meet at ICA Global Conference, Lonavala India
Initiatives V11/2 Spring 1995 Dateline Zagreb Teaching Participation in a war zone
Initiatives V11/4 Fall 1995, Uptown, Chicago: Thriving, Not just Surviving
Initiatives V12/1 Winter 1996 , Transforming Communities, also includes an Archives article
Initiatives V12/2 Spring 1996, Rural Revitalization, Southern Style, Swamp Gravy
Initiatives V12/3 Sum 1996 Retooling American Education, The Power of Images
Initiatives V13/1 Winter 1997, Cairo ICAI: Civil society in the Making
Initiatives V13/2 Sum 1997 Localizing Control of Health Care
Initiatives V13/3 Fall 1997 Reforming Louisiana’s Schools from the Inside Out
Initiatives V14/1 Winter 1998 A Battle for Hearts and Minds: Facilitation in Sarajevo
Initiatives V14/2 Sum 1998 Methods on the Move
Initiatives V14/3 Fall 1998 Having a Place to Call Home
Initiatives V15/1 Winter 1999 Community Performance: Local People take Center Stage
Initiatives V15/2 Sum 1999 Learning in the 21st Century – same as #11336 G1205
Initiatives V15/3 Fall 1999 Connecting the Dots … Sustainability Movement at the Turn of the Millennium
Initiatives V16/1 Winter 2000, Emerging Organizational Metaphors
Initiatives V16/3 Fall 2000, Challenges of the New Millennium, ICAI Conference in Denver
Initiatives V17/1 Winter 2002 Skills for a Just and Peaceful World
Initiatives V17/2 Sum 2002 Building Latino Leaders
Initiatives V17/3 Fall 2002 Giving gift of Learning to Every Child
Initiatives V18/1 Sum 2003 Corridors of Vision
Initiatives V18/2 Fall 2003 A New Style of Leadership
Initiatives V19/1 Winter 2004 – Celebrating Leadership
Initiatives V19/2 Dec 2004 – Weaving a New Society
Initiatives V20/1 Sum 2005 Elizabeth Houde is ICA’s
Initiatives Vol.1/1 2009 Spring 2009 Persistence of Poverty
Initiatives Vol.1/2 2009 Sum 2009 Vol 1/ No.2 2010 and Beyond