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Initiatives Newsletter

Communications to colleagues and facilitators

A Newsletter of the ICA USA


V02/3 May 1986 Work in Peru

V03/1 Fall 1987 Residential Learning Center Opens in Seattle

V04/2 Spring 1988 Guatemala Education Conference

V06/2 Summer 1990 On the Edge of the Pacific Rim

V07/2 Spring 1991 Sovereign Nations of Native America

V08/1 Winter 1992 India Revisited

V09/1 Winter 1993 To Russia with Love
V09/2 Spring 1993 Ancient Spiritual Practice of Participation
V09/3 Summer 1993 Refining Petroleum and Releasing Creativity

V10/1 Winter 1994 Democratic Transformation in Upper Egypt
V10/3 Summer 1994 Eco-Cultural Tourism Takes Root in Taiwan
V10/4 Fall 1994 Saluting Members and Volunteers

V11/1 Winter 1995 ICA Global Conference, Lonavala India
V11/2 Spring 1995 Zagreb: Teaching Participation in a war zone
V11/4 Fall 1995, Uptown, Chicago: Thriving, Not just Surviving

V12/1 Winter 1996 , Transforming Communities
V12/2 Spring 1996, Rural Revitalization, Southern Style, Swamp Gravy
IV12/3 Sum 1996 Retooling American Education, The Power of Images

V13/1 Winter 1997, Cairo ICAI: Civil society in the Making
IV13/2 Sum 1997 Localizing Control of Health Care
V13/3 Fall 1997 Reforming Louisiana’s Schools from the Inside Out

V14/1 Winter 1998 A Battle for Hearts and Minds: Facilitation in Sarajevo
V14/2 Sum 1998 Methods on the Move
V14/3 Fall 1998 Having a Place to Call Home.

V15/1 Winter 1999 Community Performance: Local People take Center Stage
V15/2 Sum 1999 Learning in the 21st Century –

V15/3 Fall 1999 Connecting the Dots … Sustainability Movement at the Turn of the Millennium Initiatives

V16/1 Winter 2000, Emerging Organizational Metaphors
V16/3 Fall 2000, Challenges of the New Millennium, ICAI Conference in Denver.

V17/1 Winter 2002 Skills for a Just and Peaceful World.
V17/2 Sum 2002 Building Latino Leaders
V17/3 Fall 2002 Giving the Gift of Learning to Every Child

V18/1 Sum 2003 Corridors of Vision
V18/2 Fall 2003 A New Style of Leadership
December 2003, LEADERSHIP: Skillful Means in Balancing & Dancing

V19/1 Winter 2004 – Celebrating Leadership
V19/2 Dec 2004 – Weaving a New Society

V20/1 Sum 2005 Elizabeth Houde is ICA’s New Chief Executive.
Vol.1/1 2009 Spring 2009 Persistence of Poverty
Vol.1/2 2009 Sum 2009 Vol 1/ No.2 2010 and Beyond

2009 Global Archives

Autumn 2010 ICA Launches Green Advocate Program

Spring 2010 Sojourners in May

Fall 2011 Midway in a Century of Care
Spring 2011 – Midway in a Century of Care

Autumn 2012 Celebrate 77 Special Issue
Spring 2012 Looking Ahead.
Sum 2012, – 50th Anniversary events.

Fall 2014 A Day to Celebrate: ICA GreenRise Goes Live!

Spring 2016      ICA Envisions New Directions

Summer 2017   5th City Performs “My Soul Cries Out: Stop!”

Winter 2017      Cultivating Community

Summer 2018   Uptown Coastal Awareness

Winter 2019      Local to Global