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July 1972—June 1976

The Turn to the World:
Community Awakenment


July ’72–June ’73

July ’73–June ’74

July ’74–June ’75

July ’75–June ’76

  • Summer Research Assembly: NSV, Pressure Points, and Whistle Points
  • The Other World Chart and exercises
  • The Waltz, The Fast, the Watch and The Great Ball
  • The Turn to the World and the Turn Symbol
  • First Global Priors’ Council
  • 54 Areas named
  • Asian ITI”s
  • Weekend Courses proliferate
  • Area Troikas Experiment
  • 5th City “Flip”
  • Summer Research Assembly: The Form and Tactics of the Guild
  • The Uptown Project, The Cabaret, St John of the Cross, Dr. Lao, and Sophistication
  • ICA incorporated as a separate entity in USA (Canada 1976)
  • LENS Course in Majuro
  • 5th City celebrates “Decade of Miracles”
  • Priorship Training School
  • Religious Houses in most major cities of North America
  • Proliferation of ITI’s around the globe
  • Summer Research Assembly: Mass Awakenment and Local Development
  • Dark Night exercises, Transparent Xty, Hunter Warrior, The Man of La Mancha
  • 1st Global Council
  • Global Language School
  • Local Community Convocations
  • 24 Demonstration Projects selected
  • More global houses initiated
  • University 13 curriculum developed
  • Global Centrums initiated
  • Summer Research Assembly: created Town Meeting Program
  • Profound Consciousness, Faith, Hope & Love. The Starets Prayer & Taking Care of Yourself
  • Launching of Town Meeting ‘76 as a US Bicentennial Program
  • 8 Social Demonstrations launched (HDP’s)
  • Training, Inc. starts in Chicago
  • Global Women’s Forum launched
  • Nava Gram Prayas launched in India
  • HDTI’s launched
  • Town Meetings take off around the USA