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July 1980 – June 1984

Community Forums,
Social Demonstrations, and
Leadership Training


July ’80–June ’81

July ’81–June ’82

July ’82–June ’83

July ’83–June ’84

  • Summer Research: Global Symposium on Human Development in the 80s
  • 14 Human Development Training Schools held
  • Regional Consults held in India, the UK, Peru, Zambia, US and Indonesia
  • Project Documentation Labs held in 43 communities with HDP’s
  • Research on “The New Paradigm”
  • LENS seminars in 93 locations
  • Community Forums held in 2,261 locations around the globe
  • Training, Inc. starts in Indianapolis
  • Publication of The Image
  • Regional consults in 62 locations around the world: “The Alberta Potential” and “The Atlantic Potential” in Canada
  • Formation Fortnight in Brussels
  • Block Consults in Maharashtra
  • HDTI’s continue on most continents
  • The New Village Movement in Kenya flowers
  • European volunteer movement
  • Global Research Assemblies in multiple locations
  • Global Think tanks in multiple locations
  • Brussels develops Service Ventures as a business
  • Testing IERD and building steering committees
  • Creating the Global Advisory Board
  • Lamego Project in Portugal launched
  • Research Assembly on the Role of Technology in the Release of Human Potential: Spring
  • Summer Research plans the 16-month Year of the Global Order Council
  • Loisaida Employment Taskforce in NYC
  • LENS Design Conference created
  • Project Documentation Labs across the globe
  • International Exposition of Rural Development in Delhi for 850 people
  • Order Council in Jaipur, India
  • Films: “The Courage to Care” and “The Global Brain”
  • The Pilgrimage
  • 200 Kenyan villages