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Facilitation Methods Resources

Facilitation Methods Resources

An Introduction to EI/ICA Methods, Transformational Methodologies is an original historical document, written in the 1960s. It is a comprehensive compendium of foundational Imaginal Education methods developed by the staff of the Ecumenical Institute and provides the backdrop for all work of the Ecumenical Institute and Institute of Cultural Affairs. It is the foundation of facilitation methods used by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA). 

Additional information is available in The Imaginal Education Collection 


60 Tools Chart with Images

Bill Staples, ICA Canada

The 60 tools chart is a project done for any ICA or ToP Facilitator to follow up on comments that Brian Stanfield made to folks about how many ICA methods there in the ICA tool kit. The tools make loose use of the images that are contained in our ICA Associates Inc. manuals and books, to appeal to those who like a visual interface.


Staple’s hope in creating the chart was to create an opportunity for individuals who hear about the Technology of Participation (ToP) or the Institute of Cultural Affairs, (ICA) anywhere in the world, to go online and see there are tools available for all sort of uses, and to encourage them to take a ToP course. Certified ToP Facilitators and ToP Trainers who only know the basic 5 methods, would see that there is a LOT more to know and practice.

Facilitation Chapters in Books







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