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Historical Documents

Documents Focusing on the Background of Facilitation Methods

Transformational Methodologies, 1960’s

Historical Document – Introduction to EI/ICA methods

Transformational Methodologies, an original document written in the 1960’s, is a comprehensive compendium of foundational Imaginal Education methods developed by staff of the Ecumenical Institute. It provides the backdrop for the work of the Ecumenical Institute (EI) and the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) and is the foundation of facilitation methods in use by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) and many others.

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.      ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Team Leaders Manual – Global Research Assembly 1980

It was the intent, during the Global Research Assembly to focus on the Team as the visible sign of structural care, focused mission, effective action, and authentic self-hood. As a sign of structural care it enabled the world to discover that equity and justice come in objective assignments which cut across all economic classes, races, cultures, and sexual orientation. As a sign of focused mission it enables the world to see that the impossible is possible when a group of people decide to win together. As a sign of effective action it enables the world to see that every human being’s gifts can be used together to do the job needed to be done. As a sign of authentic self-hood it enables the world to see a new kind of integrity in which it is possible to live before the totality of life as a gift, and in which every person is responsible for the whole of the task and the globe. 



Methods Manual  

The Methods Manual/handbook is an overview of early methods of the Ecumenical Institute and the Institute of Cultural Affairs in the 1980’s. It includes: 

  • The Way of Effective Leadership
  • The Way of Corporate Reflection
  • The Way of Planning and Model Building
  • The Way of Using Time and Space


Westside Leadership Institute 

An early example of the design of a facilitator’s manual for a program. 

Facilitator’s Manual, November-December 1983

The manual is an example of how to build lesson plans for orchestrating an entire training program. It uses the Symphony Method of planning. There are design examples of:

  • Opening a program
  • ORID  Conversation
  • Workshop Method
  • ORID Leadership Conversation
  • Presentation Method
  • Designing a Meeting
  • Quotations for reflection
  • Closing Reflection


The Evolution of ICA’s Facilitation Methods, by Brian Stanfield 

A critical paper describing three of the foundational methods and their sources.

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