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Comprehensiveness Screen

Comprehensive Framework for Pre-Considering Actions


This tool is used when reflecting with groups and organizations, especially at a strategic juncture in the life of the organization. Consider events, issues and concerns from the perspective of time.  The screen is also used by individuals to reflect on an event or events in their own life. Choose whatever time frame seems suitable. In working with a group or organization, begin with these instructions to first work individually: Work intuitively. Consider reflections, concerns and issues as they come to you. You do not need to work in any particular order. Pay attention to images and thoughts that come to your attention.There is no need to prioritize or group or organize the information in any other way. The different categories on the worksheet are simply meant to engage your intuition and your imagination prior to making a decision or deciding on a course of action. Then, for a group, ask them to share their reflections, one category at a time. Below is a conversation to hold at the completion of the individual or group worksheet.

Comprehensiveness Screen Worksheet

An individual or group exercise for constructing the interior screen by which comprehensive attention facilitates effective decision making. Click Link to download the worksheet, also shown below.

Reflective Conversation after Completing the Worksheet 

For an individual:

What catches your attention?

Where are you drawn in?

What are your concerns?

Notice shifts in your perspective.

Where do you experience breakthroughs?

Add anything that occurs to you while reflecting.


For a group:

Fill this out reflecting on our common work. Collect and aggregate all responses for a group reflection OR have the group fill it out in different chat pods on using an online sticky wall―for example or―and then reflect.

What catches your attention?

Where do you notice contrasting or conflicting information?

What seems right on target for us?

Where are your concerns?

What looks like it would give us a breakthrough?

Given this information, where should we now focus attention? 

What are our next steps?

If something is comprehensive, it is complete and includes everything that is important.

~ The online free dictionary