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Facilitation Groups

History of ICA Involvement in Facilitation Groups

ICA Network Association (ICAN)

History of the ICA Network Association (ICAN) 1989-1994 “A Look at Our Origins” Beret E. Griffith and Jean Watts.  Between 1989 and 1994 ICA facilitators met to explore creating a loose-knit “association” of people using ICA Technology of Participation (ToP)® group facilitation methods in their professional activities. 



Brief History of Early Electronic ICA-IAF Discussions and Antecedents 

An early electronic discussion on Group Facilitation: Process Expertise for Group Effectiveness. This was sponsored by the International Association of Facilitators which ICA practitioners founded (see article below “ICA-IAF Growing a New Organization”).

ICA Contribution to the Founding of The International Association of Facilitators (IAF)

On January 17, 1993 at the ICA Network gathering in Phoenix, Arizona, the ToP group created a vision for the founding of an as yet unnamed association for facilitators.  The vision was the guide for bringing the IAF into being in 1994 with a Vision Workshop.

ICA-IAF Growing a New Organization 




IAF Website

The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) is a participatory organisation with members in more than 65 countries. As a professional association, we set internationally accepted industry standards, provide accreditation, support a community of practice, advocate and educate on the power of facilitation and embrace the diversity of facilitators.

ToP Network

A membership association for ToP facilitators and trainers. This site contains facilitation information and resources for the public and much more for its members. 

Great facilitators own the process and let their groups own the content.