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July 1976–June 1980

The Turn to the World: Global
Social Demonstration


July ’76–June ’77

July ’77–June ’78

July ’78–June ’79

July ’79–June ’80

  • Created the consult Handbook, the Town Meeting strategy, and the Human Development Training School
  • Studied Sun Tsu The Art of War and Musashi The Five Rings
  • Created the “Tagore Ritual”
  • Global Community Forums, Global Youth Forums, and Global Women’s forums held around the world
  • ITIs held in Caracas, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Zambia, and Kenya
  • Summer Research Assembly: Global Servant Force
  • Manoeuvre method developed
  • Gospel According to St. Matthew; Qualities of Profound Humanness; “The four Cs” (Care, Courage, Corporateness, and Creativity); The Exemplars
  • ICAI (Brussels) founded
  • Completed Band of 24 Social Demonstrations
  • Order Polity Document
  • 5,000 Town Meetings campaign launched
  • First publication of the Journal (Redbook)
  • Death of JWM at noon, October 17, 1977
  • Summer Research Assembly: The 7 Revolutions, the Framing Method, Primal community, The New Reality “Our Town”
  • The Global Panchayat commissioned
  • The Economic Community Forum
  • Proliferation of three-week HDTIs
  • Town Meeting campaigns in 32 nations
  • 26 new HDPs launched
  • LENS conducted with Fortune 500 corporations
  • Urban Summit Meetings
  • Summer Research Assembly: The Global Symposium, The Way exercises, The Tagore Ritual
  • HDTIs taught in Kenya, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea
  • 4,130 Town Meetings held in 1979
  • Nava Gram Prayas in India completes replication in 232 villages
  • ICA has offices in 107 locations in 40 nations
  • Cluster village consults held
  • Kenya replication launched
  • LENS International formed