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June 1964–June 1968

Fifth City, Movement Training,
and the Order Ecumenical






  • 5th City Grid created: 16 square blocks with 5,000 people, divided into stakes to handle neighbourhood issues
  • Formation of the Institute of Cultural Affairs as a program division of the Ecumenical Institute
  • Creation of the Summer Research Assembly program for training and research
  • First training summer for teachers and students. Focus: education
  • Created Community Reformulation Methods and the five Presuppositions of Community Reformulation
  • Creation of the Global Grid & GS Carmp, MP system
  • Creation of the Nation & World course
  • Summer Research Assembly: RS-1 and Imaginal Education pedagogy. Creation of 5th City Preschool Curriculum
  • Opening of 5th City Preschool to deal with victim image
  • Community Workdays
  • Council I: created “Prolegomena to the Rule of the Order”
  • Metro Cadre meetings
  • 5th City Problemat
  • RS-1 taught across USA
  • Fifth City Jets
  • First Student House
  • Summer Research Assembly: Training the Spirit Movement
  • Ur Course created and taught
  • Iron Man statue unveiled in 5th City Plaza
  • First 5th City Festivals
  • North American Grid
  • 14,000 through RS-1
  • Council II creates “Declaration of the Spirit Movement”
  • Trips to Latin America, Middle East and South East Asia
  • Development of the New Religious Mode