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The Social Dynamic of Humanness is a Process

How do I get details on the Social Process Triangles? Where did it come from?

The first three levels of the Social Process were developed prior to 1967 as part of the Ecumenical Institute’s CS-II C course Sociology and History [“An introduction of contemporary societal wisdom for the sake of forging tools for concrete social analysis and action.  Economic, political, and cultural social sciences will be balanced by study of objective, rational, and existential approaches to the writing of history.”]

By January of 1971 we decided to focus attention on detailing the Social Process triangles to provide a comprehensive, theoretical base for analyzing society.

The Corporate Reading Research Project (CRRP) engaged several hundred colleagues in studying over 500 books and numerous periodical articles for insights and key concepts.  The CRRP produced a 3 inch thick “portfolio” of 1 page summaries for use in the Summer Research Assembly.  A small number of publications were designated as “Key Books” and used extensively.

A network of weekend Problem-Solving Units (PSU’s) digested this material during the spring of 1971 and constructed the Social Process Triangle model.

Participants in the Summer 71 Research Assembly completed work on the triangle model by cleaning the 6th level and identifying the Dynamical Relations among the poles of every triangle down to the 4th level and brainstorming and writing paragraphs illustrating the model.

The Full “Social Process” Model — The Social Dynamic of Humanness


Social Process Triangles booklet,

Corporately written


Social Dynamic of Humanness 3x3x3 Charts Corporately written

Dynamical Relations of the Social Process – Triangle book

Corporately written




Dynamical Relations of the Social Process Summer 71 Document A – Prose Description of the Social Process model and dynamics,   Corporately written, 20905

Notes on Dynamical Sociology ,  Mathews, J.W., 9674, , A simple early outline of the philosophy and method of “dynamical sociology”

Early Presentations on the Social Process Triangles preparing for the Summer 71 New Social Vehicle Research Assembly

Social Theoretics, Mathews, J.W & Wiegel, Jim, 14587

Social Theoretics (0 level Dynamics) , Mathews, J.W., 2684

Walking through the Economic Commonality pole of the Social Process

Economic Theoretics, Wiegel, James, 7152

Economic Triangles, The, Tomlinson, Gary, 7111

Walking through the Political Commonality pole of the Social Process

Political Theoretics, Jenkins, Jon, 21444

Political Triangles, Bengel (Nelson), Elsa, 21443

Walking through the Cultural Commonality pole of the Social Process

Cultural Triangles – Language and Art, Mathews, J.W., 11143

Cultural Triangles – (continued) Education and Style, Mathews, J.W., 20903

Cultural Process, Jenkins, Maureen, 6730

As adapted later for use in the Living Effectively in the New Society (LENS) Seminars for businesses around the world

LENS Economic Discourse, Wood, David, 7142

LENS Political Lecture, Slicker, Joseph, 7161

LENS Cultural Discourse –, Jenkins, Maureen, 6728

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