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Phase I Journey

From birth until age twenty

The Institute created many images related to the dynamics of a life journey.  There were images of having five life phases, one phase every twenty years.  Many programs were created and experimented with particularly related to Phase I, ages birth through the age of twenty.  Within Phase I were the preschool, elementary, junior high, high school and college-aged youth.



  • The preschool started with infants 18 months and had four schools within the first five years (infant, mini 2-year-olds, preschool 3-4-year olds and kinder school five-year-olds. Click on Preschool above for the story of the first preschool experiment in Fifth City, Chicago.



Elementary children were referred to as the “Emerging Generation”, reminding everyone about the importance of their role bringing forth the future. For fifteen years annual themes (annual themes 1971-1985) and summer camps (Journey of Summer Camping, 1969-1984) were designed to assist these youth in their journey.  In 1973 the theme was the Wild Winds of Fortune.  The 1974 camp had the themes of India’s Gram Sabha. During Summer ’76 this was the Overall Design for both elementary and junior high students,  and this chart shows the Indiana camp for elementary students.



Students entering their teenage years had many rites of passage, beginning with a 6th grade trip designed to give them images of becoming an adult to the two-year Student House during the 7th and 8th grades and culminating in a year outside of their country of birth to give them a global perspective.  Click on Junior High Youth above to see these three rites of passage n more detail.