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Junior High Education

Influencing the images of junior high students through public education and creating unique structures

Student House

Fred and Nancy Lanphear tell stories about their leading the Student House for junior high youth in Chicago and then the one year experiment with the House School House.



Celebration 10 held in July 1983 celebrate ten years of the Student House.

Student House Manual

Patricia Scott Thesis: An Inquiry Into the Effects of Socialization in Student House


Summer Camp 1974

Student Victory Sheet

Journey to Ixtlan

Rites of Passage

Having discovered through their global work that the healthiest communities had rites of passage for their youth, ICA members determined that they needed to provide such an experience for their own youth. The initial program was called The Sixth Grade Trip and expanded to include rites of passage for people eight to eighty.  Stan Crow was the Director of the Rite of Passage Journeys programs from 1981 – 2007. These Journey reports give glimpses of the programs during those years:   1996,  199819992000 and 2003.  Here the Journeys story from the beginnings until the present is summarized by Darcy Ottey, who took over as Executive Director in 2007, and her daughter, Edith Kusnic.


Phase I Orbiter:  August 1982