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60 years of transforming education structures



  • Chicago Muskedoodler course

  • 1965 Fifth City Preschool launched

  • Teachers Guild begins teaching Imaginal Education course




  • 1972 Student House

  • 1975 Training Inc. launched in Oakbrook, IL and became four sites, including Fifth City Business Careers

  • Emerging Generation curriculum (weekdays and weekends; summer camps)

  • Chikale School, India




  • Training, Inc. replication included:  Indianapolis (1980), Boston (1984), Newark (1986), Pittsburgh, New Orleans and Washington, DC (1987)

  • 1986  Atlanta Teachers Institute creates the kaleidoscope 

  • Rites of Passage/Residential Learning Community (RLC) established in Seattle

  • Over 100 Denver Public School teacher complete IE training by Denver IE team

  • Earthwise Learning Series designed and taught in Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Phoenix



  • Leadership Options designed and taught by Elise and George Packard

  • Leadership Learning Labs 1991-1995 held in Chicago and California

  • Training Futures founded by Marla Burton and Susan Craver Erickson

  • Arizona Youth Project Based Learning led by Alisa Oyler and John Oyler

  • 1993 stories of changing images from Brazil, India, Japan, United States and Zambia


21st Century


  • Futura designed and led by Marla Burton and Susan Craver

  • Janelle and Mark Dove design and lead church program using image change

  • Tim Dove demonstrates image change in his classroom in Ohio

  • Maureen Jenkins incorporates  Imaginal Training

  • Learning Basket offered in Canada, United States

  • Jan Sanders faciliates a four year program based on image change in Aruba

  • Bruce Williams facilitates educational courses in China based on image change

  • Many image change programs continue: preschools in India, Philippines, United States, Learning Basket, Training Inc. Boston, Swamp Gravy, Journeys