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Elementary Education

Global examples of imaginal education applied in elementary schools and with elementary-aged children

Global Examples

Indonesia:  Famachoi Wa’u tells how he started the Harapan Nias Elementary School after the 2005 Indonesia tsunami in Nias, Indonesia, that he serves today as principal.

USA: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:  The Central City Jets. For more than ten years Conna Wilkerson assisted in the co-sponsorship of the Christ United Methodist Church and Skyline Urban Ministries developing the Jets program. The manual, Jets Core Curriculum: What every Jet needs to knowexplains the program.

USA: California:  Jann McGuireemphasized images thru singing  as she taught for twenty-years as a bilingual and special education teacher.

Nepal: Loren Weybright discusses new strategies for teaching, mentoring and education at Glen Buds Elementary School

Emerging Generation

While public school teachers were using Imaginal Education methods in their classrooms, at the ICA headquarters in Chicago and in houses around the world, the staff  used the methods with their children.  A life understanding that we live in twenty year life phases, we developed curriculum for Phf;orase I: Emerging Generation, from birth until age twenty. The Center for Imaginal Education was responsible for writing curriculum for all levels of the first twenty years.  For the elementary children this included writing curriculum for after-school, weekends and summer  camps.  The report from the WARRIOR ABBEY summer in Canada in 1969 gives an example of what children in a summer camp experienced.   IRON MAN STORIES were written by Michael May that portrayed stories for children based on the Other World.

Story Telling Time!

Other elementary experiences and resources: