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Global Preschools

Preschool replication occurred in everyone of the 24 time zones around the world

Preschool Replication

A decade after the 5th City project was launched in Chicago, Human Development Projects were set up in every time zone around the world. One of the first programs developed in each community was a preschool, based on learnings from the 5th City preschool model. The following are a few stories from them.


Ronnie Seagren writes about how imaginal education was used in the El Bayad Preschool and other programs.

Marshall Islands

Leah Early talks about the preschool miracle on the island of Majuro.


Aimee Hilliard and Efren Casquejo catalyzed the creation  of 33 preschools around Barangay, Philippines.

United States

    •  Mary Clutz began the  Community Interplay Preschool in California  with the curriculum emphasizing world cultures.  Starting with three and four year olds, the school added a year annually until they served preschoolers through sixth graders over the forty-nine years of the school.