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What is the Profound Journey Dialogue?

Describing the objectives of the PJD

The Profound Journey Dialogue (PJD) event was created for a time of Earth and multi-cultural consciousness that sometimes daze humans with angst and anticipation. The PJD is a concentrated event of deep secular reflection about what seems to be going on within us that helps us rediscover what motivates and sustains us to serve our Earth community more effectively.


The event is out to raise the question in participants’ mind of the part they will play in the evolutionary process.  Will life be something that is happening to them or something that is happening through them.


Using universal language and  contemporary images, the PJD creates a time and space to gather with other like-minded people to sort through some of those questions. The Profound Journey Dialogue is a four part event that provides a time and space for reflecting upon the journey that we all are on and to realize the larger context that we are a part of. The PJD is for sensitive and responsive ones and for personal, community and organization empowerment for more profound service.  


The Profound Journey Dialogue provides a way for participants to become more aware of their profound journeys through dialoguing, re-experiencing, interpreting, and embracing what matters most. It can be a time apart to occasion a transformative life-story that sustains and empowers the journey forward. PJD can well be a meaningful ritual for one’s journey.


The PJD is true to the deeps of life and helps participants realize their profound journeys. It can be a revitalizing experience to dialogue with self, others, history, Earth, and meaning “at the heart of all that is.”


The PJD’s use of the metaphor “profound journey” honors diverse religious and spiritual traditions while transcending any one system of belief. It points to the inclusive understanding of the word “ecumenical” as encompassing both the world or Earth journey as well as one’s individual life’s journey.  


The whole community.

            Home, one world.

           Ecumenical by nature.             

                     One Earthrise.