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Life Methods Curriculum

Religious, intellectual, and social life methods

When the Academy was launched in the 60s, it included religious, cultural and methods courses.  There were three types of methods taught:  Religious, Intellectual and Social.  The outline of the 1969 life methods courses evolved over the years and now includes the methods shared in Collection 5:  Facilitation Methods.  The following were the first course outlines.

Religious Methods


A:  Historical Style:


B:  Religious Exercises

    • Solitary Office
    • Contemplation
    • Meditation
    • Prayer


C:  Corporate Prowess


D:  Religious Mode

    • Universal Religious Insight
    • Formulation Method
    • Interior Qualities
    • Spirit Journey

Intellectual Methods


A.  Images

  • Education Revolution
  • Charting Method
  • Class Preparation
  • Teacher as Artist


B.  Pedagogical Methods

  •  Course Constructs
  • Seminar Procedures
  • Delimited Lectures
  • Extra Format Processes


C.  Training

  • Education and Local Church
  • Faculty
  • Curriculum
  • Construct


D.  Mass Education

  • Impact
  • Penetration
  • Teacher Training
  • Administration

Social Methods


A.  Community Reformulation

  •  Basic Philosophy
  • Social Structures
  • Community Organization
  • Revolutionary Method


B.  xxxxx


C.  Parish Development

  • Mission and Parish
  • Local Battleplan
  • Latent Church Organization
  • Operating Plan


D.  Regional Formulation

  • Permeation
  • Education Tactic

Intellectuall Methods

“The greatest single antidote to violence is conversation, speaking our fears, listening to the fears of others, and in that sharing of vulnerabilities, discovering a genesis of hope.”  Jonathan Sacks