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Life Methods Curriculum

Religious, intellectual, and social life methods

The first Academy in 1968 included religious, cultural and methods courses. Since all humans have practical ways of coming to the intellectual, social and spirit dimension of their ives, the methods courses were based on life dynamics. They became the tools and resources used in the Institute’s missional work of  personal, community and organizational transformation actions. The LIFE METHODS COURSES  have evolved over the years and now are found throughout the Global Archives Nine  Collections  and are shared here.



A.  Images

  • Education Revolution
  • Charting Method
  • Class Preparation
  • Teacher as Artist


B.  Pedagogy

  • Course Constructs
  • Seminar Procedures
  • Presentation Images
  • Format Processes


C.  Training

  • Education
  • Faculty
  • Curriculum
  • Construct


D.  Mass Education

  • Impact
  • Penetration
  • Training
  • Administration



A.  Community Reformulation

  • Basic Philosophy
  • Social Structures
  • Community Organization
  • Revolutionary Method


B.  The Methods


C.  Parish Development

  • Mission and Parish
  • Local Battleplan
  • Church Organization
  • Operating Plan


D.  Regional Formulation

  • Permeation
  • Education
  • Service
  • Spirit



A:  Historical Style:


B:  Spirit Exercises

  • Solitary Office
  • Meditation
  • Contemplation
  • Prayer


C:  Corporate Prowess


D:  Religious Mode

  • Universal Religious Insight
  • Formulation Method
  • Interior Qualities
  • Spirit Journey