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Guardians have been the supporters of the Spirit Movement with their time and resources


Historically the role of a Guardian is the role of one who has decided to take the investment that society has made in their life and return the investment: but not to return the investment to themselves – return it to society. It is as if society invested in your becoming an engineer, and you return the investment to society by engineering a whole new society. If society invested in your becoming a doctor you return the investment by serving social ills: by creating a whole new understanding of medicine in the local situation. Being a Guardian is simply returning the investment. Those who have decided to play the role of returning the investment are who we are – we are a1I paravocated. We are all in the same mission. We are all Guardians.



  •   Building primal community
  •   Awakening people to deeps of consciousness
  •   Giving methodological skills to enable to release creativity
  •   Pioneering with social demonstration.
  •   Finding ways of nurturing people.

Guardians are religious guinea pigs on behalf of mankind. They are the presence of the religious to secular people, which gives others the opportunity to be the religious too.  



The Guardians were the persons in the established structures who lent their support and wisdom to the Spirit Movement.  Initially a group of people from the  North Shore area of Chicago supported Joe in ways too numerous to mention. They helped keep him in touch with how the structures of society operated and gave him insights into how effectively to operate as as “structural revolutionary. In 2014 Priscilla Wilson recalls the journey of women from the North Chicago suburbs, who after the impact of the RS-I course, began working with the Ecumenical Institute one day a week in 1968.  Later involving their husbands, this group of women along with their husbands became the foundation the Guardians. They developed a “round the world” trip to explore the needs in other countries called the Global Odyssey. The Guardian network was formalized in 1972 with a group of 33 and grew to 360 in 1978.


Don Elliot: I was invited to a guardians meeting