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What Came Out of this social analysis?

What appears to be a breaking down of civilization may well be simply the breaking up of old forms by life itself 

Joyce Carol Oates

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As articulated in this document the practical vision of today’s new social vehicle rests  on five pillars.

  1. DYNAMICAL PROCESSES  Society is and always has been a dynamically interrelated set of processes of commonness which appear in every social situation, in every culture, at every point in history.
  2. SOCIETAL IMBALANCES  These social processes have always been in relative imbalance.  In our day the economic processes have become dominant using the political processes as their ally and collapsing the cultural processes, and this imbalance is true of all groups within our society and a society as a whole.
  3. EMERGING IDEOLOGY  Society always operates on a consensed ideological base, which informs it of its own reason for existence.  The emerging agreement among all people across the globe is that “All the earth belongs to all the people.”
  4. MAJOR CONTRADICTIONS  Contradictions in each social process arena are preventing the structural manifestations of this emerging consensus.  The chief source of these is the collapse of systems of significance in the face of the changed human context of the 20th century.
  5. SOCIAL PROPOSALS  An inclusive set of specific social proposals have been designed to deal with these contradictions Paramount among them is the creation of a secularly articulated theology and a re-empowered secular religion style.


THE PRESSUREPOINTS  A catalytic set of 9 social processes which, when pushed together can result in the realization of all 77 proposals.


THE WHISTLEPOINTS  Nine tactical systems