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Sally Stovall



Sally Stovall was a dedicated and fierce leader who helped ICA realize its mission to ‘create a just and equitable society.’ Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, Sally worked in a variety of roles and places for ICA – from Development Staff to Project Manager and Director, sharing her gifts and talents on behalf of the organization in Louisiana, South Dakota, Washington, New York and Taiwan. In the past decade, as ICA’s mission was amended to include ‘in harmony with planet earth,’ something Sally became a key supporter toward Solar energy, and a trusted partner on all things sustainability-related.


ICA recently went through an exercise to distill the core values of our organization. Sally exemplified these values.


The value of Continuous Learning – Sally was never afraid to challenge herself, learn something new, or be honest about what she did not know. She was curious without being skeptical, and always willing to learn something new from anyone who was willing to share.


The value of Facilitative Leadership –  Sally’s leadership looked so different from being front and center that it might have been unrecognized to those who weren’t paying close attention. She was great about being a ‘guide on the side’ instead of a ‘sage on the stage’. She worked tirelessly to support others to take action on the change they were seeking.


The value of Equity as a way to create a more just world. Sally had a deep commitment to inclusion and accessibility, and was on a journey of doing the hard work of internal inquiry and exploration to understand her unique role and place in creating a more just system.


The value of Collaboration. Sally seemed to defy the adage If you want to go quickly, go alone, but if you want to go far, get everyone to go far, quickly, together.


And lastly, the value of Spirit —  being present and connected to those around you and giving of everything you have on behalf of something greater than yourself. Sally shared her spirit, her laugh and her being generously, and we are forever different because of it. We will always be grateful for Sally, and her spirit will be with us as we continue her legacy.




Sally loved the religious house and the community, interaction, structures it brought her life.

Sally loved the town meetings and her engaging the small towns across Utah. She had an amazing memory of those small town meetings and especially the songs.

It was clear that Sally had found purpose in her life and was sent to make a difference in this world.




What a legacy Sally leaves in Chicago with her dedication to the ever expanding creation of the Environmental Film Festival for all of Chicagoland.   This model was a real awakenment event for the many beyond the usual “preaching to the choir”  in Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods, educating thousands over the several years.  There are many who are looking at what Sally and you have done as a model for their own communities.  She has demonstrated a very Trans-Establishment pioneering miracle.

I’m so grateful that I had a chance to meet and tour some of Chicago’s gardens with her last year when I was in Chicago.

Our care and prayers for you and for Sally’s family with two very close family losses.  Grace and Peace,

          ~~  Lynda and John Cock.


I am shocked and saddened to hear that Sally has passed away. It was such a pleasure to reconnect with her, and you Dick during my time on the ICA Board of Directors. Her passion and exuberance was always reflected in her radiant smile. May you and her close loved ones  find Peace in your grief.

          ~~  Joyce Sloan


We join you and the family in celebrating Sally’s amazing life.  I am grateful for the times when we were together and I got to know her humor and gentle determination.

          ~~  Jan Sanders



I was stunned to learn of Sally’s death, so quickly following on Jim’s death. I believe Sally joined the Order in the New Orleans house where Joy and I were the inadequate priors. We shared important moments in Sally’s life including her engagement to George. Journey On.

          ~~  Herman Greene

Dianne and I celebrate the completed life of Sally who’s smile and spirit reside in us.

          ~~  Salvatore Caruso and Dianne Greenwald


Sally Stovall was an amazing woman. She walked her talk as a founder of Green Community Connections and as a founding member of the One Earth Film Fest. A few years ago, while working in the ICA archives, we heard about what Sally was doing. Green Community Connections and the One Earth Film Fest were both huge undertakings, and are successful, due in large part to Sally’s work.

          ~~  Beret Griffith and Paul Noah


With empathy and tears, I sent Dick a short poem.

           I wish for you

           all the magnificence of grace,

           all the grief of loss,

          all the ecstasy of embrace,

          and all the joy of mystery and memory.

~~  David Dunn

You and Sally’s family are in our prayers.  We give thanks for Sally–for her passionate service for care and justice.  We are grateful we were able to be together briefly in DC in 2017 for the Climate Justice March and worship Westminster PC with Marie Sharpe.  We will be with you in spirit as you gather together Saturday to celebrate the gift of her life. Grace and peace,

~~  Carleton and Ellie Stock

LaDona Wagner wrote: “The new woman–what does she look like?  Strangely enough, she doesn’t look like anybody.  We are never again going to be able to have one figure who holds for us what it means to be a woman.  …  All kinds of new images are coming, but no single encompassing image.  This is part of the complexity of the 20th century. …  If you want to know what the new woman looks like, just turn and look.  She is seated right beside you.  She is already here.”

For me, Sally, like so many on this list, lived the journey and challenge of “The New Woman” that has so deeply affected our planet and energized our lives over the last 3/4 of a century.  I am more than grateful.  Celebrate and memorialize her life on Saturday.  Sing loud songs from full and broken hearts,  Eat together, flavorful and nutritious foods.  Remember Sally well.

~~  Jim Wiegel


Oh my, my, my… how our journeys fly, fly, fly. Sally’s death is a jolt. I had not known of her illness, so I was caught off guard by the news.

Dick you have been so very lucky to have Sally as a spirit buddy in your ‘silver sneakers’ years. Her captivating smile invited conversation and beamed affirmation. She is greatly missed as I’m sure you already know. Blessings in these days of grief and reflection, and on the road ahead. Grace and Peace,

          ~~  Sherwood and Eunice.Shankland