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Patricia and Mali Balm


XX  –  March 21, 2020

It was wonderful that most of the family could be by Pat’ side this week, to celebrate the last days of her life together.

We wanted to share just a few memories we have of Pat and Mally – 46 years ago  until the recent years.

  • Working together in Gunfoundry and the Hyderabad cadre in the 70’s, when we were in the Hyderabad House

  • The long conversations with Pat and Mally ranging over many topics

  • The local training programs and celebrating House Church together

  • Cleaning the latrines and building the Gunfoundry community garden

  • Pat making exquisite tiny baby clothes for our newly adopted Hyderabadi baby. Kiran (at 1 month)

  • Mally and Pat being present at the multi-faith naming ceremony for Kiran in Hyderabad

  • Years later in Sydney, Mally’s head and characteristic grin, popping over the back gate of the Rockdale manse to attend John’s surprise birthday party!)

  • Visits with other members of the Balm and the extended Gunfoundry family in more recent years.

  • A number of visits with Pat and the family in Perth over the last 30 years.

Our thoughts and love to the Balms and our wonderful global family,

John and Robyn, Kiran and Glen Hutchinson





I got to know Pat, and her late husband Mally, when we set up the Hyderabad House in the 1970s. Their home in the Gunfoundry neighbourhood was a meeting venue for the metro cadre. They moved to Maliwada when we set up the Human Development Project there. Pat impressed me with  her can-do spirit and her stories about bringing up a large family through difficult times. She, like Mally, relished putting their minds to solving problem, both in their family ventures and in the ICA projects. They, along with their sons Desmond and Kevin, were instrumental to a lot of our work in India as well as around the world. The family eventually migrated to Perth, Australia. Regards,

         ~~. Dharmalingam

We hold the Balm family in care as we join with them in celebrating the completed life of their matriarch, one who journeyed with us in our work around the world.  In looking at The Directory, I noticed that Desmond Balm had died in 2009.  Pat’s husband Mali died in 1997.   If I’m not mistaken, Mali and Pat were among the ITI pastors who became part of the Movement.   I don’t know their assignments.  Journey On, dear colleagues.

~~    Lynda and John Cock