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Mamie Tucker

July 2018

Mamie Tucker died recently in Chicago. She was in hospice at her daughter Brenda’s home in Matteson during the past several months. Mamie graduated from the Training Inc. on the West Side in the early 1980s. She interviewed to be the ICA Receptionist in Uptown and served faithfully until she retired in 2005.


Mamie was competent, considerate and kind to thousands of people – tenants, agency clients, conference participants and a legion of ICA staff and families entering the 4750 building for 25 years. Mamie will be remembered fondly by many.

          ~~  Mary Laura Jones


Although I did not know Mamie, we share a 5th City and 4750 connection. I lift up her commitment to the community she served with purpose and concern. I’m sure she would have made a great friend! God bless her family and friends as they contemplate lasting memories of their loved one. Grace & Peace,

          ~~  Dawn Collins

Mamie was the gracious nerve at the center of the 4750 building.  She would take on any question.  She could watch for any guest and not let them get buy her even in the crush of the lobby while she was still sorting the mail and answering the phones and washing the windows.  Her natural sweetness, her positive relationship to life itself, her ability to not take herself too seriously and an expansive sense of charity washed over us all with  love and grace, even if we were unaware.


This does not imply in any way that she was the doormat at the entrance to 4750.  She would stop people and call them to account if necessary.  She would make her opinion known when she became clear that there were things that needed to change.  I can even remember a couple of times that she threatened to walk away when the community diddled too long over a decision.  Mamie was mother, sister, friend and confidant to many of us in many situations.  We could not have been more blessed.


With the long blue line Linda mentioned at the gates of heaven, we can rest assured that Saint Mamie will have it all in order, that all will be cared for in the event of wait time required, she will keep them visiting and laughing as they share their stories.  Thanks be to the creative powers of the universe that we were blessed by the life and being of Mamie Tucker.

          ~~  Margaret Aiseayew