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Don Clark


1944  –  November 30, 2007


I always appreciated Don’s level-headedness, intelligence, and statesmanlike demeanor.  I was with Don for a year in Hong Kong.  One memory stands out for me.  We had rented space from a Christian retreat center for a meeting that included people from across the Asia-Pacific area, probably about 30-40 people.  We got at loggerheads with them about some use of the space.  I don’t remember the details, but do remember that they were being unreasonably, unjustifiably, and unnecessarily rigid.  We were just infuriated because there was really no reason for them not to accommodate what we were asking, but they would not budge.  Then Don offered to talk privately with the people in charge. He disappeared for 15-20 minutes, then came back and said the problem was solved.  We were astounded and asked what he had done.  He just smiled and said he had simply appealed to their “Christian goodwill,” which, in effect, allowed them to be the good guys.  So smart.  So diplomatic.
~~  Marsha Hahn