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David and Joyce Reese


September 14, 1929  –  October 9, 2006


Obituary and colleagues remembering David’s life


I was saddened to hear about the death of my good friend and spirit colleague, David Reese. I had been in contact with David several times during the past year, mostly by phone and E-mail. On one occasion I drove down and spent several hours with him in Chickasha. He was very aware that he was gravely ill and was sharing his treasured library of books with friends at the time. I took one home with me.


David and I audited a course at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa a few years back. He would drive up from Chickisha (close to 3 hours) and I over from Bartlesville. The course was an “Introduction to Christian Theology”  taught by Joe Bessler-Northcut. David and I had a grand time doing this together and I am sure we added “something” to the class. I’m not sure whether the seminary students always understood where we were coming from; but I think the professor thoroughly enjoyed our questions and participation. David and I shared an appreciation for learning and discussing theological/spirit issues and ideas.


I will miss this wonderful and friendly inquisitive human being and great person of the Spirit. He was a significant “blessing” to me and I know he “blessed” many of you on his journey through life.

          ~~  Roger Alexander