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The Year of the Guild
Summer 1973

Global Research Assembly


• Participants created the form, frame, tactics, and logistics of the Guild.


• The Uptown Lab did research in the Chicago Uptown neighborhood and launched the Uptown Project. A corner “postage stamp” park—with a billboard that read “Uptown is a Great Place to Be Alive”—was created at the corner of Sheridan and Lawrence.


• The LENS course was refined.


• Continued research was done on corporate religious methods. Created the Sanctification Course.


• Corporate study of Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross.


• Sang secular “songs of resurgence.”


• Everyone saw the movies, “Dr. Lao” and “The Scarlet Pimpernel.”


• Spirit Methods PSU created The Spirit Methods Manual.


• The Cabaret was the major celebration and the assembly produced “Desert Song” with participant talent and three days of preparation.


Global Priors’ Council


Created the Priorship Training School, which was held in each Religious House during the next year. “The New Sophistication” was an accompanying sub-theme (Stanfield, 1993).


Rite of Passage (1973)—6th grade trip to Northern Wisconsin

Fall 1973 - Spring 1974

The Institute of Cultural Affairs began as a program division of the Ecumenical Institute, but was independently chartered in 1973 to work directly with corporations, government agencies. and local community groups. The two continue to function as separate but related organizations (See a historic statement at “The Institute of Cultural Affairs: What it does, What it is”, Golden Pathways).



The Movement


A LENS course and a second consult were held in Majuro.


Majuro: Larry White had an accounting firm.


More International Training Institutes (ITI) were held in one year than the total held in the previous four years combined.


International Training Institutes (ITI) were held in Latin America in 1973, 1976, and 1979 (Grow, 1993).


A Priorship Training School was held in Chicago, looking at mission, care, and symbol as the embodiment of life (Priorship, 1973).


Four buildings with 58 family units were rehabilitated in 5th City.


Fifth City: Chicago, celebrated ten years of comprehensive renewal of the community, a “Decade of Miracles.” The shopping mall, the first new construction in the community in 20 years, was dedicated.…Several properties held by The Ecumenical Institute were conveyed, mortgage free, to the 5th City Development Corporation for use by the community (The Institute of Cultural Affairs, 1973).

Fall 1973 


The Student House was established as a residential program for Order students in the 7th–9th grades. Students lived in the ICA building at 4750 North Sheridan Road, Chicago. Charles Allen Lingo was assigned as Director along with a full staff.


Oombulgurri, Australia demonstration project began in September 1973 ( Julie McCauley Miesen, August 5, 2014)


Spring 1974


The first Local Community Convocations (LCC) were held during week nine of the spring quarter, 1974. The LCCs were one-day events where people from a community discussed their vision for their community, the challenges facing them, and then created proposals to meet those challenges effectively. The LCCs were an effort to capture the spirit of the early town meetings (Jim Wiegel, 2017).