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Lecture Building

Preparing Effective Presentations through Ordering Life Experiences

Lecture Building Talks

Lecture Building through Ordering Your Life Experience, Ecumenical Institute, Chicago, The Academy, Revised, May 1974 


Lecture Building Chart 8 x 8 as 64 Blocks (blank)

Off the top of your head list Illustrations/Images/Stories related to the subject matter of your talk.


Pedagogical Style




The Dynamic of Research, James Wiegel, Ecumenical Institute, Chicago, November 30,1971 

  1. Principles of Research, II. Structures of Research, III. Methods of Research IV. Methods of Research, IV Operation of Research



Sample 4×4 in .pdf format suitable for personal use.


These lecture methods have been used countless times in variety of situations.  The “Living Like the Earth Was Sacred” presentation by F. Nelson Stover was written as a 4×4 and delivered as a webinar which is available on YouTube.


Other presentations by Nelson Stover are available on-line.  All these presentations were originally prepared using the 4×4 Lecture Methodology.

Sample Lecture 4 x 4 x 4