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Ten Assets

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THREE FORMATIVE DOCUMENTS. Between 1966 and 1968 staff and colleagues of the Ecumenical Institute declared themselves to be part of, and responsible for shaping what they termed a “Global Spirit Movement. See below links to three formative documents with the opening words of each followed by the title and a link to explore the full document

  1. “Massive upheavals rack our world. The whole globe is in revolution heretofore unknown in the history of man. It is a violent disturbance in the deeps of consciousness itself. Only its radicalness matches the vastness of its scope. The race at large is hurled into a great struggle to invent, as if from the beginning, what it means to be human. This beyond all else defines our time.” The Declaration of The Spirit Movement was corporately written by a group of colleagues gathered in Council in 1966 and completed in 1967.
  2. “Man is struggle. Humanness is ever coming to be. A spirit movement is this coming to be out of the deeps of man made manifest in the crises of history.” The Construct of The Movement, corporately written in 1968, envisioned the structures needed for this “Global Spirit Movement”
  3. “We, the ______ Community, by our free resolve, before the creator of our personal and collective destinies and the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, take upon ourselves the moral covenant and rule of life, for the sake of a particular corporate mission within the total calling of the church, to which we have been commonly elected.” THE PROLEGOMENA TO THE RULE OF THE ORDER A MORAL COVENANT AND CORPORATE DISCIPLINE was drafted some time prior to August of 1967.
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