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Half Century and More of Global Social Innovation and Intentional Community

22:31 11 March in Social Change

Colleagues of the Institutes gathered annually in July between 1966 and 1986, continuing to build, revise, refine and enlarge these understandings based on their reading of changing trends in the larger world and their practical experiences in mission and in life together.

  1. A detailed overview of milestones in the building of the “Global Spirit Movement” from 1952 through 1992. For more detail, contact the Global Archives Project office in Chicago.
  2. Over the years, various practical aspects of creating this “Global Spirit Movement” were detailed in operational manuals.
  3. Need something from Summer 84 that explains Primary Units and the network.
  4. Need something that describes life after “the Turn” — Pro – Dis – Trans by Gene Marshall, or something on “The guild” and “Guardians”.
  5. “Using appreciative methodology, the Institute of Cultural Affairs, an international nonprofit organization reframed what was happening and what could happen around them, decided to actively seek the positive and what was working for them, and engaged in strategic actions that would later allow a desired future to unfold for them.” Appreciative Intelligence for Transformative Conversations – Tojo Thatchenkery, circa 1986.
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