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Reflecting on the Significance of it all

22:36 11 March in Uncategorized
  1. “We are the people of the Spirit, because all men are people of the Spirit. Our early fathers wanted to make it very clear which Spirit we are of, and therefore, they invented poetry that has warmed the heart of the church through the centuries.” The Spirit Movement Transcribed address. Joseph Wesley Mathews. July, 1970.
  2. “This is presented by using my journey as a context to illumine the foundation of the Order. Many streams fed this work.” Waves That Built the Order. Joe Slicker. Internal document. 2007
  3. “Our family interned in the Indianapolis House in 1971. We were committed to the mission of the Ecumenical Institute and in the process, we discovered community. The communal style of living we experienced was not imaged as an end in itself, but rather a vehicle to more effectively enable the mission to be actualized.” Fred Lanphear. Personal reflection, 2010.
  4. “I cannot help thinking (sitting around a room like this with a couple hundred people) about what my revolutionary life is going to he about these next twenty years. I doubt there will be many times when I will have the privilege to sit with two hundred revolutionary colleagues, and to have, therefore, the possibility of refocusing who I am as a solitary­/corporate revolutionary.” Raymond Spencer. Research Assembly 1973.
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