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The Founders

The founding Families of the Institutes

After Dr. Walter Leibrecht’s leadership of the Ecumenical Institute,  in 1963 the Church Federation hired Joseph Mathews as the Executive Director. Six additional men from the Austin Faith and Life Community.were paid one dollar a year each; their wives were assigned to find Chicago jobs to support their families.  The founding leadership team of the Ecumenical Institute that emerged was made up of: Fred and Sarah Buss, Bob and Judy Fishel, Charles and Doris Hahn, Aimee and Frank Hilliard, Gene and Ruth Marshall, Joseph and Lyn Mathews, David and Donna McCleskey, Joe and Carol Pierce, David and Pat Scott, and Ann and Joseph Slicker.  Joe and Lyn Mathews were the first-among-equals of this team.

Remembering John Mathews, son of Lyn and Joe:

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Remembering Bishop Jim Mathews, Brother of Joe:

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Remembering Joe Mathews:

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