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  • Jonathan C. Troxel 4:27 pm, November 5, 2019 Reply

    Hello Doug, It’s me, Jonathan Troxel, the son of Karen Snyder and Jim Troxel. I have recently been volunteering to assist Karen with the Emerging Generation section of Imaginal Education. I’ve been working on gathering data to create chart of the themes for each specific year of the E.G. structures. What I have been discovering is, is that for the years of 1971 thru 1985, most of the years had in fact a theme. In fact, I also discovered that the themes somehow fit in under the large vision of Joseph Mathews. So, I’m almost done with gathering data minus a few years of missing info., but I hope to have a report to share to the archives team when you all come to visit the Chicago location. As for a topic of dialogue, I just wanted to share about some of my own reflections from working on this project in the near future. A topic that as a product of the emerging generation, I discovered that for me, I’m not sure that I really used some of the skills, tools, and methods that I was taught while growing up in the EI/ICA. But, I did find that I had a variety of experiences that have shaped my awareness and interactions with the outside world. Anyway, I’m not trying to get too deep here, but I have been thinking about my own reflections since I have been helping with this project. Thanks for your team to allow me to participate. Thanks, Jonathan C. Troxel

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