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Fifth City, Movement Training, and the Order Ecumenical
Summer 1976

Third Summer Research Program


[Summer ’67] was the 3rd summer program for college and university students, lay clergy groups, and teachers (Doris Hahn, March 2014).



Imaginal Education


Six weeks of movement training was conducted and a basic curriculum was created. The key was designing the Imaginal Education approach and curriculum—drawing on Kenneth Boulding’s understanding of images:


1. Everyone operates out of images.

2. Images govern behavior.

3. Images are created by messages that can be designed and communicated.

4. Images can change.

5. Changed images change behavior.


The UR Course


The UR Course on how primal images and depth experiences inform what it means to be a human being, was taught for the first time. There were six basic UR images of humanness: black, tan, brown, red, white, and yellow. The name UR came from mythology surrounding the ancient Sumerian city of Ur, now in modern Iraq, known for its antiquity and cultural diversity.


The first Fifth City festivals and UR festivals were held in the community each Saturday night of Summer ’67 (Doris Hahn, 2013).


The Kinderschool opened in the [5th City] Program Center (Nan Grow, 1993).


Published the fourth issue of IMAGE, which included “The 5th City Reformulation Project” and the Five Operating Presuppositions (See » page 28).



Council II of the Order Ecumenical


Council II created Document I,


The Declaration of the Spirit Movement and


the People of G.O.D. Triangles.


Corporately studied Saviors of God, by Nikos Kazantzakis.


Consensed on the North American Grid.


The Student House Experiment


The Student House experiment was initiated with twelve high school youth. The first nineteen order youth were sent to live and study abroad.

Fall - Winter 1967

Fall 1967


The first Student House with college students began in the fall.


Winter 1967


Beginnings of the Global Guardians


It all started with a women’s program on the West Side, targeting suburban women who might be Development contacts….called “The Trilogy”…. Anne Wood, Betty Pesek, and Priscilla Wilson….all of whom had had RS-I and maybe other seminars….were part of the team [and] were hosts with the EI for that event. This was in the late winter of 1967. That is how the involvement of these women, plus a bunch more… happened…. On to our husbands…and as they say….


The first Global Guardians were Georgianna and George McBurney, Anne and David Wood, Priscilla and Rod Wilson, LaVerne and Jim Phillips, Betty and Sheldon Hill, Betty and Martin Pesek, Mary Warren and Don Moffett, Nicki and Len Dresslar, Sarah (now Booher) and Bill Caufield (Mary Warren Moffet, November 15, 2014).


See The Journey of the New Women from Priscilla Wilson, March 2015.

Spring 1968

Martin Luther King Assassination


Martin Luther King was assassinated and the neighborhood was badly damaged. By the way, the “riots” occurred Friday and Saturday, April 5 and 6, 1968. Dr. King was shot on Thursday evening about 6:30 p.m. RS-Is were interrupted Friday evening just after the meal time ( Jim Troxel, 1992).


International Teaching Treks


The second trek through Asia was in the spring, 1968. Don and Claudia Cramer and Donna and David McCleskey taught RS-I courses in local churches (Basil Sharp, 1992).


The first trip to Latin America [included] Kaye Hayes, Ruth and Gene Marshall, and Jim and Ellen Addington. (See J. Addingston note below.)


The first trip to the Middle East and research was conducted on the Historical Church and the Tan Ur.


The first trip to South East Asia where research was conducted on the Chinese Ur. Over 2,000 people went through courses on these trips (Bill Grow, 1993).


A trip to better understand the complexities of possible work in Australia with JWM culminates in OTFORD Council which birthed the EI/Spirit Movement in Australia (Brian Stanfield, 1992).


The New Religious Mode (NRM) begins to develop in collegiums and weekend Problem Solving Units (PSUs).


Latin America trip. The first trip was actually in 1967; my memory is that the Slickers and Marshalls were on the team. It was basically research and relationship building. The second trip was a teaching/consultation trip in spring ’68. The team was Gene Marshall, Kay Hayes, Jim Campbell, Ellen and James Addington. We did seminars in Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. This included a oneday consultation with the Chilean Catholic bishops just prior to the Medellin Bishops’ gathering that popularized Liberation theology in Latin America (Email, James Addington, 2017).


Fifth City Preschool. Keith Chapman (Packard) came to the preschool in 1968 during its second wave of development into the 5th City Preschooling Institute. Lela Jahn (Campbell, Bayer) was the director. We were developing a spiraled wholistic imaginal curriculum for six weeks through five years. Others on the staff included Ruth Carter, Wanda Lee, Anna Marie Hampton (all from 5th City) and Nancy Grow, Mimi Shinn, Joyce Townley, Raymond Spencer, Gary Forbes, Ken Ellison, Joy Warner, and Sandy Conant (Powell, Strachen) (Elise Packard, May 2017).


* Chicago Tribune (1968, April 7). Gang Burns Church Site. p. 1:3.