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Accelerating Global Interchange

Summer 1980


Global Symposium on Human Development in the ’80s


Research Assembly


600 people from 40 nations worked on where the Pressure Points had shifted.


Rite of Passage (1980)—6th grade trip to the Minnesota Boundary Waters



The Movement



1980-1984.  The Human Development Training Institute (HDTI) was adapted for use in Latin American projects, translated, renamed Curso Internacional de Capacitacion Comunitaria (CICC). HDTIs were held in Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Guatemala, Jamaica, Spain, and Portugal (Bill Allerding, 1992).


“Seminars for Effective Mission” presented in Rome (Dan Tuecke, 1992).


The IERD, planned and envisioned in India during 1980–1981 as a mainly Indian project, became a global project in ’83–’84 (Brian Stanfield, 1992).

Fourteen, 3–6 week intensive [HDTIs] were held.


LENS seminars were held in 93 locations.


Community Forums—one-day events for women, youth, communities, and organizations—were held in 2,261 locations around the world.


Project Documentation Labs (PDL) were held in 43 communities which had completed their first phase as Human Development Projects. Accomplishments, learnings, and setbacks were examined.


(The Institute of Cultural Affairs, 1980)

• Fifth City Business Careers opened in Chicago.


• A Chicago travel desk handled staff travel until ’86.


• A Global Language School was held in Indonesia.


• A Latin American Training Academy was held in 1980, ’82, ’85, and ’87.


• Pilot Regional Consults were held in India, the United Kingdom, Peru, Zambia, the USA, and Indonesia. Conducted research on the future linkages of regional resources. This ten-day, multi-sector program considered effective directions for human development in the 1980s.