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Awakenment, Demonstration, Formation, and Interchange
Summer 1978

Research Assembly


• Task Forces dealt with Awakenment, Demonstration, Formation, and Interchange.


• There were six modules: The Seven Revolutions, Learnings, Framing, Awakenment, Maneuvers, and Primal Community.


• A New Vision of Reality, Parts I and II, an anthology of current works on the paradigm shift was published for in-house use, containing articles and references to tapes, and videos for systematic study by the community.


• The question of The New Reality was raised.


• Developed the Winner’s Circle.


• Everyone saw the play “Our Town.”


  Council of the Order Ecumenical


• Celebrated ten years of Religious House life and commissioned the Panchayat.

Fall 1978



The Movement


• Created the Economic Community Forum (ECF), Chicago.


• Human Development Consult was held in Peru (Bill Grow, 1993).


• Converted the eight-week HDTI to a three-week version that was first taught in Vaviharsh, India (Brian Stanfield, 1993).


• Developed the 5th City Leadership Program, and offered practical methods training for local community leadership.


• Town Meetings expanded to 32 nations. Twenty-six new Social Demonstration Projects were launched in 14 nations (Celebrating a Quarter Century of Service, 1979).


Held the first Urban Summit meetings in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia.


• A redesigned LENS was held with Fortune 500 corporations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.


• The Corporate Process Triangles were created by adapting the Social Process Triangles for use in businesses.


A Religious House was opened and an ITI was held in Rio de Janiero(Bill Grow, 1993).