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Global Servants and Profound Humanness
Summer 1977

Global Servant Force (GSF) Expansion


Research Assembly


• The Global Servant Force (GSF) expanded.


• Town Meeting county coverage continued.


• Experimented with having an order couple, volunteers from the United States and villagers as staff of projects in Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, and Jamaica.


• Economic and social acceleration took place in projects.


• Experimented with “Maneuvering.” Created The Victory Plaza.


Spirit Life


• Explored the concept of Profound Humanness and attempted to grasp what authentic living is like in our times. The Qualities of Profound Humanness were 12 ways to look at how human beings experience life, from the perspective of internal states of being and external manifestations.*

* See “Profound Humanness” charts, lectures, and exercises from the Golden Pathways online.

• Began to draw together stories from human development projects and community forums. The stories were illustrations of four human qualities: Care, Courage, Corporateness, and Creativity (Estimates II, 1977).


  Council of the Order Ecumenical


• Created the Order Polity Document.


• Everyone saw “The Gospel According to St. Matthew,” an award-winning 1964 film about the life of Jesus.


• The Institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICAI) founded in Brussels, Belgium.


• Began questioning the use of gender specific (male) language and began rewriting songs.


• Twelve more Human Development Consults completed the Band of 24 Human Development Projects, one in each time zone around the globe. A Human Development Project World’s Fair was held in Kwang Yung Il celebrating the completion of the Band of 24. A film was made of the event.


• First three-hour Town Meeting was held in the western United States.


• Created images of four “Exemplars”: The Sage, The General, The Poet, and The Saint.



Fall 1977

October 1977


Brussels: Ken Whitney ran the American Handiman from 1977–1979 with help from Clare Whitney and occasionally Paul Schrijnen. The business brought in enough income to pay off old bills, pay stipends, and send all staff members to Chicago for summer programs (Clare Whitney, July 17, 2015).


  Joseph Wesley Mathews ( JWM) died at noon on Sunday, October 17, 1977, following a Guardians Meeting in Chicago (Brian Stanfield, 1992; Jim Wiegel, 1993).


The Journal was introduced the day Joe died (Bill Grow, 1993).